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In 1939, Henry Meserve bought his employer, Washburn Electric, and started Meserve Electric Inc. in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He had three sons, Clyde, Carl, and Al. All three have become electricians.

In 1950, Clyde started his own business, Clyde Meserve Electric, in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Shortly after, a small appliance store was added to sell the new electric ranges that were in such high demand.

In 1970, Clyde sold the electric half of Clyde Meserve Electric to his three sons, John, Wayne, and Bruce, and carried on with the business as Clyde Meserve Appliances.

Meserve Bros. Electrical Contractors Inc. was formed in 1971. Wayne and his two brothers ran the company until 1978 when Wayne purchased the company entirely.

Diane Meserve, Wayne's wife, became his apprentice in 1982, received her journeyman's license in 1985, and her master license in 1986. Diane was the 13th female master electrician in the state's history!

Meserve Bros. Electrical Contractors Inc. was renamed Meserve Electric Inc. on April 30th, 2000. Jason, Wayne's son, worked with Wayne through early childhood and into high school. After graduation, he went to work at a local manufacturing plant.

In November 2003, Jason returned to the company to resume his apprenticeship. He received his journeyman's license in May of 2006, and his master license in June of 2011. Jason is the fourth generation of his great grandfather's electrical company that was originally started in 1939, and he is very proud to continue in the legacy of the family business.

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